What’s new in SelectorsHub 5.0?

Sanjay Kumar
1 min readAug 9, 2023


Recently SelectorsHub has launched 5.0 version on chrome browser with amazing features. 5.0 version is live on both SelectorsHub community version and the Pro version.

The best of this release is that user can open SelectorsHub tab just by clicking on it’s logo as well as through keyboard shortcut.

Now user need not to open DevTools then finding SelectorsHub tab etc.

New Features in SelectorsHub

New Features in SelectorsHub 5.0-

  • Open SelectorsHub in one click
  • Keyboard shortcut to open SH
  • SelectorsHub Inspector can inspect all kinds of elements
  • Shows element property just by hover on it.
  • id & name attribute in ContextMenu
  • Rearrange the order of Selectors as per your preference (On Pro Version only)

How can you get these feature:

  1. Restart your chrome browser.
  2. SelectorsHub will get automatically updated to 5.0 version.
  3. To confirm, just click on SelectorsHub logo and if it doesn’t open SelectorsHub Panel then follow this tutorial to update it manually.

Please follow below tutorial for live demo and more details



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