What’s New In AutoTestData?

Sanjay Kumar
1 min readMay 5, 2023


AutoTestData: Free tool to generate fake data for testing

AutoTestData is a single page web application to generate the Fake Test Data just in 3 simple steps. It is an absolutely free community product.

This free tool is helping a lot community and became the first choice of Testers to generate data in no time.

We got amazing feedback and feature request from community and here in this release, we have implemented all the community feedbacks and added many features like-

  1. Option to set currency type
  2. Generate only First name or Last name
  3. Option to duplicate any row and a lot more bug fixes and performance improvement.

Please share it in your network and help community to know about this free timesaver tool.

Please follow below tutorial to learn more about all the new features of AutoTestData-



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