Solution for all the SelectorsHub issues like not able to find SelectorsHub in DevTools, xpath not generating, UI breaking etc.

Sanjay Kumar
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Not able to find SelectorsHub in browser

Though it’s very simple to use SelectorsHub but sometimes for few users these issues comes.

In fact none of these are issues of SelectorsHub, most of them are because of browser settings.

Don’t worry here is the solution for every issue related to SelectorsHub and hardly it will take 30sec for you to fix it.

SelectorsHub Download Link for all the browsers

Not able to find SelectorsHub in DevTools:

  • After adding SelectorsHub, restart your browser.
  • Right-click anywhere on the webpage.
  • Click on Inspect.
  • In the DevTools, SelectorsHub is present as last sidebar tab followed by Style, Computed, Event Listeners, DOM Breakpoints, Properties and Accessibility then SelectorsHub. If not visible then please expand the sidebar. Please refer the attached screenshot.

SelectorsHub in browser DevTools:

SelectorsHub is not visible in DevTools
Where to find SelectorsHub in DevTools

XPath not getting generated:

If xpath and selectors are not generating, pls follow below steps:

  • Close the current tab and try for different website.
  • Make sure there is a url in address bar because extensions won’t support on blank new tab.
  • Extensions won’t support on browsers extension stores like chrome store or Firefox store etc.
  • Also extension won’t work on browser’s setting page like chrome://****
SelectorsHub is not working | SelectorsHub not working on
SelectorsHub is not working on

SelectorsHub UI is breaking

This will be very rare. This is because of browser settings. Please follow the below steps to fix this issue:

  1. Click on Preferences.

2. Check the Font size , it should be Medium (Recommended)

3. Click on Customise fonts and see the Font size and Minimum font size. It should be same as shown in below screenshot.

4. Hopefully this will fix the issue but still if still not resolved then raise the issue here.

Apart from these, if you are facing any other issue please raise it here. I will fix it asap. Request you to share this information with everyone and help them. Appreciate your support.

To learn more about it and to make the best use of SelectorsHub, please follow this video tutorial once.



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