SelectorsHub 4.0 Live Now | The Best Xpath Plugin for Automation Testers

The feature packed release 4.0 of SelectorsHub is launched and live now for everyone to use.

SelectorsHub 4.0: One Stop Solution for all the XPath Problems

With this release now SelectorsHub is capable of solving every XPath problem like verifying multiple XPaths in single shot, auto generating Axes XPath, Relative XPath, Index XPath, absolute XPath and much more.

Now SelectorsHub supports jQuery too.

Here is the list of Revolutionary & Timesaver features of SelectorsHub 4.0

1. Automatically generate Axes based XPath ⚡️Tutorial

2. Smart Maintenance- Verify all the XPath of script in single shot. 🛠 Tutorial

3. Index Based XPath 👇Tutorial

4. jQuery Selector ✅ Tutorial

5. UI Configuration option. ⚙️Tutorial

6. Verify jQuery and JS Path in SelectorsHub itself. (Coming in 4.0.1)

To learn all about SelectorsHub 4.0 and to make the best use of it, please checkout below playlist –

SelectorsHub 4.0 Playlist

How to update SelectorsHub to 4.0