Introducing: Testing Daily | The Tester’s Home Page

Sanjay Kumar
1 min readNov 22, 2022
Testing Daily. An Innovation by Sanjay Kumar

It has been always a big time challenge for our testers to keep updated with the latest testing trends.

One has to open multiple platforms like medium, reddit, youtube etc to get the testing updates which is kind of impossible for one to open all of them everyday. As well as there is a lot of distraction in these platforms.

So to solve these challenges, here introducing the “Testing Daily | The Tester’s Home Page”.

Testing Daily is a free browser plugin to get the the latest testing feed without any effort.

Testing Daily Download Link

How to get started with it-

  1. Just add this plugin in your browser. That’s all :)

Now open new tab and boom, you will get the testing feed. Now every time when you will open new tab, you will get testing feed.

Please checkout this tutorial to make the best use of it.

Testing Daily | The Tester’s Home Page



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