How SelectorsHub New Side Panel is different from other XPath Plugin?

Sanjay Kumar
2 min readAug 10, 2023



  1. Open just by clicking on logo and remains opened for each tab.
  2. It remains open without interrupting UI of your web page
  3. User need not to open the SelectorsHub again and again for each new tab
  4. It works with each opened tab in the browser as well as if you open new tab, it works with that as well. User need not to refresh or reopen the SelectorsHub.
  5. It can be open and close through keyboard shortcut as well.
    For MAC- cmd+shift+s
    For Windows- ctrl+shift+s
  6. It provides it’s own inspector using which user can inspect all elements on the webpage and user need not to right click or open DevTools to inspect the element.

Note: Currently these features are supported on Chrome browser only.

Other XPath Plugins like XPath helper:

  1. Opens on the top of the webpage and hides the major part of the webpage.
  2. User has to open it on every web page separetely.
  3. It doesn’t have inspector so user have to open DevTools as well to inspect element.

For more details please follow below tutorial:



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