Exclusive Timesaver Features supported by only one XPath Plugin!!

Sanjay Kumar
Jan 2, 2024


Best XPath Plugin

Below is the list of Exclusive Timesaver Features which are offered by SelectorsHub XPath Plugin Only-

  • 1 click Plugin Access
  • Need to open only once to use for all the tabs
  • Smart Editor
  • Selectors Error Handling
  • Cross Origin iframe support
  • 🎭 Write and verify exclusive Playwright Selectors
  • Shadow dom & nested shadow dom support
  • Nested iframe support
  • iframe inside shadow dom
  • Shadow dom inside iframe
  • Element info just by hover
  • Debugger
  • XPath healing

Please find the download link and steps here to get started with SelectorsHub.

Please follow below tutorial to learn more about all these features with real time example-



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