A new version 1.1.0 of TestCaseHub is released with lots of great innovative features which will help community to get more credit and transparency about author, reviewer and voting system will help to decide on Test Cases priority.


New Features-

1. Feature to upvote & downvote TestCase
2. Reviewer Profile link
3. Author Profile link
4. Bulk upload
5. Auto suggest while typing
6. Copy/download selected test case
7. Community reviewers

Please follow this video to learn more about these features and changes-



TestCaseHub: An Innovation by Sanjay Kumar

TestCaseHub is a repository of Test Cases and Scenarios. User can search for any functionality or feature in TestCaseHub and it will list all possible best test cases. If user found any missing scenarios or test cases are not available for any particular scenario, user can add those test cases…



XPath Errors

Generally we have always discussed and solved the problem of zero matching count of xpath and tried to make that unique xpath but we mostly missed to discuss the xPath syntax error.
Handling the syntax error makes us expert in that particular technology.

Of course not all the errors can be discussed in one article but let me try to cover some of the very common and useful xpath syntax errors.





Let’s verify these xpath on SelectorsHub to learn whats wrong in these xpath.



I have been always asked by many testers that you always invent things only for automation engineers and those who code, what about others like those who do functional testing or manual testing, so this time I have really great news for all the manual and automation tester!! 🤞🏻🙌🏻
Giving you all something so revolutionary today that it will make testers life so so easy!!
Now you can automatically generate the manual test cases along with the screenshots through TestCase Studio without doing anything.

Generate the manual test cases with screenshots automatically
TestCase Studio: Generate the manual test cases with screenshots automatically

TestCase Studio a free browser plugin

Download Link

Please Watch the below tutorial to understand why I am calling this innovation as revolutionary in software testing-



Automate Closed Shadow DOM

As per W3C standard (reference MDN),

“When the mode of a shadow root is “closed“, the shadow root’s implementation internals are inaccessible and unchangeable from JavaScript.”
Checkout this page for closed shadow dom example.

But there are some work around to perform action on closed shadow root elements.

One of the workaround to automate closed shadow root elements by using the Actions class in Selenium-

  • Locate the closest element which is outside closed shadow root. It could be the host element for that shadow root.
  • Now focus on this outside element by using click() method.
  • Now use Actions class to press the TAB key to focus on the closed shadow root element.
  • Now use Actions class to perform any action on the closed shadow dom element like sendKeys() or click() etc.

For real time example please refer the below video:



Considering how SelectorsHub Certification Program has helped our community to learn the basic concepts and the new tech, here I have created another very useful program “TestCase Studio Certification Program”.

What is TestCase Studio Certification Program?
TestCase Studio Certification Program is a quiz which has very insightful objective type questions related to TestCase Studio. One will get the TestCase Studio Certificate on scoring 75% or more than 75%.
It will help a lot to learn new tech and work smartly to improve the productivity.

How to get the TestCase Studio Certificate?
Take the below quiz, score 75% and get your certificate. ⬇️

Is this a paid program or free?
Again this is an absolutely free program.

To learn more about TestCase Studio Certification Program please check out this video tutorial-