Considering how SelectorsHub Certification Program has helped our community to learn the basic concepts and the new tech, here I have created another very useful program “TestCase Studio Certification Program”.

What is TestCase Studio Certification Program?
TestCase Studio Certification Program is a quiz which has very insightful objective type questions related to TestCase Studio. One will get the TestCase Studio Certificate on scoring 75% or more than 75%.
It will help a lot to learn new tech and work smartly to improve the productivity.

How to get the TestCase Studio Certificate?
Take the below quiz, score 75% and get your certificate. ⬇️

Is this a paid program or free?
Again this is an absolutely free program.

To learn more about TestCase Studio Certification Program please check out this video tutorial-

Why I created this Productivity & knowledge Training Program -

  1. To Solve all your Real Time XPath & Selectors Problem in Selenium, Cypress and any automation framework.
  2. Improve your Productivity
  3. Concepts related to Web Elements, XPath, Selectors, Shadow DOM, iframe, SVG etc.
  4. What’s possible and what’s not possible for locators.
  5. Complete training on SelectorsHub & TestCase Studio.
  6. Certification.

More details and registration link-

Woow!! Much awaited SelectorsHub 4.0 Launch Event is announced and happening soon. 🎉⚡

🗓️ 15Sep, 9PM IST

Event link —

Join the event to see revolutionary innovations for the software industry.

⏰ Set the reminder & subscribe to channel to get notification🔔.

See you all at the event.🙌⚡

SelectorsHub - The XPath Plugin

Here is the list of major Innovative features coming in SelectorsHub 4.0 -

1. Automatically generate Axes based XPath ⚡️

2. Smart Maintenance- Verify all the XPath of script in single shot. 🛠

3. Index Based XPath 👇

4. jQuery Selector ✅

5. UI Configuration option. ⚙️

To learn more about these feature, checkout this live demo of SelectorsHub 4.0

No, It’s not compulsory to be patron to use SelectorsHub.

Everyone can use SelectorsHub as always and save time.

I just need your support so that I can provide better support and create new tools for community. Even if 1% companies and users will become patron that will be more than enough.

Please follow this video to learn more about it that how to use SelectorsHub without being Patron.

TestCase Studio: Write manual test case automatically

TestCase Studio is a free browser plugin to record the user actions performed on a web application in plain English Sentences. It will also generate the XPath, CSS Selector and Automation Code for every user action. User can download or copy these recorded steps.

So basically it automates the test…

Sanjay Kumar | Upgrade to SelectorsHub - XPathTool

Creator of SelectorsHub & ChroPath | Speaker | Blogger | Automation Passionate

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